Outlook Storage Full Despite Deleting Everything

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Outlook is currently saying I can't receive any email because my storage is full. I had a lot of emails so have deleted all of them but outllook is still saying storage is full using 28.4 GB of 5 GB. There are currently no emails in my inbox including recently deleted. 


Any ideas would be welcome! Thank you in advance!  

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Hi @mynameiskitty 


In New Outlook, you can check and empty your Deleted Folder and the recovery bin. To access and empty the recovery bin, complete the following steps.


  • Click on Deleted Items, then Recover items from this folder.



  • Press Control + A to select all, and a checkmark will appear next to all emails.
  • If you are certain to PERMANENTLY delete emails, from the ribbon, click on Empty Folder
  • Now, click on Go back to Deleted Items folder



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@mynameiskitty, Hi Kitty, if your Outlook is showing full storage despite deleting all emails, there might be other items consuming space. Here are some tips to help you:-

  1. Try to Empty Deleted Items Folder for that you've deleted emails, they might still be in the Deleted Items folder. Empty this folder to free up space.
  2. Check Other Outlook Folders for that ensure all other folders in Outlook (Sent Items, Drafts, Junk Email, etc.) are empty or have been cleared out.
  3. Large attachments in emails can consume significant space. Go through emails and remove any large attachments.
  4. Calendar, Tasks, and Notes for that check these sections to see if there are any items consuming space. Clear out unnecessary entries.
  5. Compact Outlook data files (OST or PST) can become fragmented, leading to wasted space. Compact the data file to reclaim space:

   - Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings.

   - Select the Data Files tab.

   - Choose the data file and click Settings.

   - Click Compact Now.

  1. If you have multiple accounts synced with Outlook, check their storage settings. Sometimes, other synced accounts may contribute to the storage issue.
  2. Archive Old data emails and data to reduce the size of the main data file. This moves older items to a separate archive file, freeing up space in the main data file.

Hope this will resolve your issue.


Hi @mynameiskitty!


Try to Empty the Recovery Bin: Deleted emails often stays in the Recovery Bin. Here's how to delete it from there:


  • Click on Deleted Items.
  • Click on Recover items from this folder.
  • Press Ctrl + A to select all emails.
  • Click Empty Folder (be sure you want to permanently delete them).

Check your Sent Items and Empty your Sent Items folder if it contains large attachments. Clear any draft emails with large attachments.

If you use a local PST file for storage, it might be full. Contact your IT admin for assistance managing PST files. Additionally, you can check this helpful guide: Fix Outlook Data File Size Limit Exceeded