Outlook still filtering junk even though I disabled junk filtering

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Outlook is still filtering Automatically filtering Junk even though I have turned this off in options. 
This same thing is happening on multiple machines in my org over multiple users, so I don't think it's a problem with a local install.
The filtered emails are NOT on the blocked senders list. 
Does anyone know how to get junk/spam to actually stop filtering? 



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Most likely the email is not filtered at Outlook level but at Exchange level. You or your mail admin can use Threat Explorer to find out how and why it was filtered.

Thanks. I'll have our admin check it out.
Thanks, Victor. Does this tool exist because filtering (even when it's off) is a common problem? I'd prefer to fix the source, if possible.
No, it is because emails can get moved on multiple levels and on multiple clients.

For instance, server-side filtering usually doesn't have a client-side overrule. Filtering can also occur at client level such as Outlook (which you can turn off). Some mobile mail apps also contain filters, so even when the mail didn't get moved by the server or by Outlook, it could still end up in the Junk Email folder when you check your mailbox with such an app.