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I recently reinstalled (after a factory reset) Office 365 and I'm trying to set up my email accounts using Outlook, which I've used in the past. Somehow Microsoft Exchange took over my primary email address and now I'm unable to change the account settings so they  point to my normal POP email accounts at my web sites. How can I get rid of Exchange and continue to establish settings I want?

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By Microsoft Exchange, do you mean Exchange Online or your organization's Exchange server? In general, Outlook follows a predefined list of steps to configure the account, and unfortunately the devs have gotten a bit overzealous in trying to "help" the users connect to Office 365. More specifically, if the address you are using matches a domain registered with Exchange Online, Outlook will "connect to Office 365 as priority", and ignore all the other steps. In order to avoid that, you need to deploy the reg key mentioned in step 4 in this article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3211279/outlook-2016-implementation-of-autodiscover


In any case, if you are using a POP account, your best option is to configure it manually, so click Advanced options -> Let me configure my account manually on the initial setup dialog.

I'd like to configure it manually but the program won't allow me.  Whenever I try to get to account settings it tells me that an account with that email address has already been set up.  What I'm trying to do is delete this account and set it up properly manually.  There must be a way to get to the outlook account settings.  If I can get there perhaps I can just change the settings so it points to my existing email set up.  Or, as I said, I'd like to delete the existing account and set it up manually.

Sorry I was so long in replying to this but I've been using the email function on my phone but I have to get this one going so I can use it instead.