Outlook Search Indexing issue

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On my laptop, I am facing an Outlook search index issue; it is not displaying any email it shows no result when I search for email. I tried running troubleshooter, updating outlook, repairing outlook and rebuilding the search index, but rebuilding the search index stuck at 26 and took one day, and it's only on 26. Then I tried using Outlook's inbuilt search by disabling group policy which disable outlook using windows search index ; using this work around suggested by Microsoft Outlook Search might not display recent emails on Windows 11 - Microsoft Support 
The search started working, but it displays below the notification plate mentioned in the screenshot. The article link attached above says the issue is fixed but for me, its not working I am using IMAP account I don't want to remove and re add account or profile Can any one of you please help me so that my search starts working fine

I am using IMAP account91EC5752-1EEA-4110-9347-992818FDD0B5.jpg

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