Outlook Scheduling Assistant

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When creating a new meeting in the Outlook app, I am not able to use the scheduling assistant feature because all invites show as 'information unavailable'.  Others are able to see my calendar availability when creating a meeting, but I can't see theirs.  Please help!  

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That's usually a signal that you have issues with Autodiscover, talk to your support folks. Make sure to also check if you can see availability info from OWA, as that will help narrow down the issue.

Unfortunately, as we are a startup, we don't have a support team.  Can you tell me where I can find the Autodiscover option? Thanks for your help! @Vasil Michev 

You can run the Autodiscover test from Outlook, but perhaps it will be easier if you just run the automatic diagnostic tool here: https://diagnostics.outlook.com/


Did you check from the webmail/OWA?