Outlook rules not working on spam e-mails and folder

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I use outlook.com for personal and professional, mostly at Outlook for MacOS and Outlook for iOS.


I have created many rules to prevent bad spam e-mails from reaching any part of my account. But for the third time, they have stopped working and the newest rule (which I have created to be more broad just because the other stopped working) only works for e-mails not classified as spam.


This is chaotic because important e-mails wrongly classified as spam and "good" spam (from trusted online stores and sites I like) get mixed with those 30-50 e-mails a day of bad spam (phishing, fake sender, etc.).


Most rules were designed to prevent e-mails from specific sender. They format was to delete any e-mail in which the sender contain specific words (SharkTank, Home Depot, CBD Gummies, GiftCard, TrumpCare, etc.). For some reason, they have stopped working again and are filling my spam folder.


To prevent this, I have created a new broad rule that move all e-mails send to one of my alias - (my ...@hotmail.com which is the 95% of the spam sender destination and hardly used for important e-mails) to go to a specific folder so I know I can filter later without having to worry of missing important e-mails.


I need some light how to fix this problem or rewrite the rules correctly. 

The last two times I talked to the support, but they got fix eventually. This time, the support instructed me to open a new discussion, because the rules are shared between outlook.com and outlook for Mac/iOS/Windows.



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Try to create a Power Automate flow instead of rules.

@Victor Ivanidze So pay for something that is free in outlook.com and not working?   


I create a rule that has "If I'm in the To" and "If I'm in the CC", and it doesn't work.  Most of my spam comes from someone that puts my address in the To and CC.

Sorry I do not catch your point. I've suggested to create a flow and use it instead of rules, as a flow will provide more functionality.