Outlook rules - if/and/or statements?

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isn't it about time outlook upgraded their rules so that you didn't have to create separate rules for incoming and out going messages?

Having to create 2 rules every time i want an email to and/or from a certain person to go into a specified folder is surely counter-intuitive and productive.

How hard could it be to re-script it to include 'if', 'and', 'or' statements into the code so that:
IF you receive a message from ContactA OR you send a message to ContactA move that message into ContactA's folder.


Is that not better than separate rules for every person?

My VBscripting back in 2004 could achieve that (can't remember a thing about it now though).


Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Cheers :)



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Why not something this simple : If unread after 90 days then delete Would help keep your read mails, and keep your mailbox clean? how simple. why can't it be done?
It can be done but not using the rules. You can or create an add-in for Outlook or a MS Power Automate flow.

I would like to know if there is a way to have a rule in outlook that automatically moves "old" emails on a thread into my "old mail" folder WHEN a new email on that thread comes in.  (that is my if...then,...)  If a new email on this thread comes in, then move the old email to the "old mail" folder.


This way my inbox would ONLY have the latest email on each thread.  All other emails would automatically go into a bulk old mail folder.   I cannot seem to write the rule correctly for this to happen.  Any ideas?

@Victor Ivanidze 

Thanks for your humble opinion. Microsoft always needs extra apologies for their failures.
But 2 (or 3 or more) simple rules are ridiculous when 1 slightly more complex rule would serve well.
In my situation where OR would be immensely helpful, I need email received from any of email accounts aATdomain or bATdomain or cATdomain or dATdomain to be moved to the MyCompyootr folder. How would four (count 'em 4) separate rules be better than one (1) that's only an RCH more complex than a trivially simple rule? I have multiples of this situation. And if one talks about keywords, some of them are very common terms; eg. computer, hardware, or software, all of which show up in many headers that do not arrive from the intended accounts. Just my $0.02.

It's amazing to me that mail rules have been around for a very long time, since maybe outlook 2003, but you cannot create an OR statement, only and AND statement when creating conditions for a rule. This seems like it would be very basic logic to code. Very tedious to have to create multiple rules to satisfy OR conditions. 

@Victor Ivanidze 

Here's what I would like to do:

I would like to change this "and" to an "or" because creating 5 different rules to exclude 5 categories is inefficient when an "or" would be so much better.




If you are ready to pay, I'll create a Power Automate flow with this functionality.

@VictorIvanidze Don't make him pay for such a simple flow that would take 5 minutes to make! Just send a screenshot of it! Geez.

@NathanaelEpic What about changing the OR to AND with recipients?

If you have two accounts, you may want to create a rule for each, in order to store the emails addressed to each of them in a specific folder.

But then, if a single email is addressed to both, you'll get a double copy of it in one of these folder, and no copy of it in the other one.
But if you try creating another rule stating what should happen if an email has both the addresses as recipients, 


You only get a rule with the or statement:


How can I set a rule condition based on an email sent to both my email addresses, in order to have a single copy of them stored in each account's specific folder?

Hi @amiranda72,

you cannot. 

Hi @AlyssaL036,

wow, could you spent 5 times and show such flow?

What are you saying?
AlyssaL036, my bad, sorry. I just wanted to say: could you please spend 5 minutes and show your flow?
makes you wonder what are their roles. like do they get paid for the number of replies regardless of the quality of the replies and thus all the copy and paste