Outlook Rules Capacity Inquiries

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Good morning. I have a question about Outlook rules. As far as I know, I know that if there are over 50, I can't make it anymore, but I would like to know if there are any restrictions on creating rules on the web.

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@daegeun You have the same limitations in Outlook on the web as you do in Outlook desktop as the limitation is set by the exchange server.


The limit is based on total size of all of your rules, not the number of rules. 

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Thank you. Then, is that size 256KB?

Thank you Sir.

then can you explain about this picture? For your information, we are using E3. I thought I could make 300 rules because it said 300 over there.


@daegeun Those rules are not Outlook Mailbox rules, which are limited to 256KB in total size. The rules with a 300 limit are for journaling (not Outlook Journal, but server journaling) and transport rules - these apply as soon as messages arrive and can redirect messages to other addresses, tag subjects, delete junk etc - it does not file to individual folders in Mailboxes. 

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Thank you for confirming it.
So I understand that the size of the capacity, not the number of rules, is a problem, so can I know what the maximum capacity is and how to check the capacity of the rule?

@daegeun I'm not aware of a way to check it - at least not an easy way for end users. If you hit the limit, outlook should tell you it can't save any more rules.