Outlook.pst contents lost? Office 2003

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Was still using office 2003. PC crashed, while running Outlook. Outlook crashed. Disk now as slave in another PC. Can access files. Found my outlook.pst file and an archive.pst file, but they are resp. just 513 and 256 kB in size, so empty. It should be very large. No other outlook.pst files on the disks.

What happened to it's contents, crash dumps? Are my emails lost or is there still a way to recover them?



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Try disconnecting the drive from your PC to make your files safe, then copy the 513 KB PST file and the archive.pst file if you have to another drive for backup.


If you're using Windows XP, there are some built-in tools you can try. Try running ScanDisk on the original drive where the PST file was. There are chances to recover lost data. Another option is to use special software for recovering data from hard drives. These tools can look for deleted or damaged data, including your emails.


Since your issue involves the size of the PST file, there is a high chance of corruption in the Outlook data file. You can check this helpful resource for more info: https://androidcure.com/how-to-know-if-my-pst-file-is-corrupted-and-how-to-fix-outlook-pst-file-corr...


Hope it helps!!!!