Outlook plugin for letting people know that you read an email

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I am working in a digital marketing agency.


Is there an Outlook plugin for letting people know that you read an email (suppose we all use it)?


I know there is already the like button, but this is not enough for us, we want something like a pop up or a window that notifies us about the readed email.



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Hi @ZeroSama,

as far as i know, there isn't a specific Outlook plugin designed for this purpose, but you can use (or try to use) some workarounds:

  1. Read Receipts: this option in Outlook allows you to request a notification when the recipient reads your email. You can enable this feature on a per-email basis by going to the "Options" tab in the compose window and selecting "Request a Read Receipt." The disadvantage is that recipients have the option to ignore or decline the read receipt request.

    Add and request read receipts and delivery notifications - Microsoft Support

  2. Third-Party Plugins: Several third-party plugins offer enhanced read receipt functionalities beyond what Outlook provides. These plugins can provide features like read notifications, email tracking, ... Recommendations are:

    "Boomerang for Outlook"
    Find the right app | Microsoft AppSource

    Business Apps – Microsoft AppSource


  3. Email Tracking Services: explore email tracking services that work independently of Outlook. These services typically offer tracking functionalities that notify you when your emails are opened. Popular email tracking services are:




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Thank you for your response.


I tried your methods and I found just one that would somehow satisfy my needs.


Would you like to tell me how can I do like in the attached photo? Thank you.

2023-07-17 13_43_36-Outlook_ Preview Emails without Marking as Read _ Make Outlook NOT Mark Emails A.png