Outlook Online Archive on iOS

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Does anyone know if Online Archive is visible yet on iOS devices, either via the built-in Mail App or the Outlook App or .....something else?


I have a user with a very large inbox that needs access to emails 7+ years back on a nearly daily basis and is currently having us sync that extremely large mailbox on their iOS devices (iphone/ipad).  Due to the size we are running into other issues.  We believe all the other issue would go away if we had a way to search the online archive and only sync a much smaller amount of data for the user.


I know in the past that this was not capable.  I guess I am just looking for an update to see if it is now.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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No, it's not available (unless it's changed recently), certainly from the Outlook for iOS app and I don't think the native email app can see the Online Archive. It's been requested like, here and here for the Outlook for iOS app.


The only way to access it as far as I'm aware is through a mobile web browser or the OWA app, which is practically abandonware.  I guess this feature will come eventually but I have never seen it mentioned in any roadmap but who knows.


Not for me to say but it might be time for the user to simplify their workflow!

Has something been updated? I can use the iOS Outlook app search and its returning emails in the Online Archive mailbox?