Outlook Notification Extension for Edge Chromium Browser

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Since Microsoft is building a Chromium browser, please develop a notification extension for outlook.com that is similar to Checker Plus for Gmail. 


Checker Plus for Gmail has become an extension that Google Chrome users can't live without. It's the best extension to help you keep tabs of all your email accounts. All the other third-party notification extensions that support Outlook.com have been built by serious data collectors that copy all your emails to their servers. 


Microsoft has continued to push us to use Gmail which has well-built extensions. Google, on the other hand, has made user experience so much better and brought in so many users, they are now making so much money selling Gmail ads. Please don't give users a single reason to choose Gmail over Outlook. 


I have about 5 email boxes on outlook.com, three for my separate businesses (premium accounts) and two for personal use. I can't keep signing in and out of 5 mailboxes to check what is happening, I need an extension that checks all inboxes like Checker Plus for Gmail.


Please, let your Edge Chromium browser come with extensions that support or enhance Microsoft services to bring more users - sell Outlook.com ads.



Checker Plus for Gmail




Notifier for Outlook

Developed by Data Collectors and abusers (Read their privacy policy in details)


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