Outlook Mobile on Android

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I use Outlook for my Office365 account & personal Outlook.com account and have both accounts linked in Outlook 2016/Outlook on the web & Outlook Mobile on Android.

From time to time in Outlook 2016 I get "Load more messages" in folders which can quickly be cleared by forcing a sync and I assume that its just the application & server getting slightly out of sync (?).


However, in Outlook for Android, since V 3.0.40 (313), in all of the "All Accounts" folders I get "Load More Messages" constantly. Clicking it (in any folder) leaves the app hanging for a while and then the message returns. Oddly, if I go in to the individual accounts they're fine, no "Load" message.


Anyone else have this issue and/or know of a way of clearing it please? Suspect it may possibly be a code issue given that it only started with this latest version. I've reset both accounts and even deleted one and re added but no change.



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