Outlook Mobile App Issue.

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I have a Samsung A50 phone and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T510.  I am only having one issue that is common to both devices.  I cannot move messages from my inbox to another folder.  I might be able to move messages once. Clever if I try to select more messages it will not work. When I select a message down in my inbox and select move two folder. Outlook goes back to the beginning of my inbox and the messages when I scroll down are still there if that makes sense.


Now I have a whole host of issues on my Samsung tablet: 


1. I have four email accounts. Sometimes Outlook will lock on one single account and I am unable to switch between accounts.


2. When I reply for forward in email those messages then disappear out of my inbox. I can still do a search in those messages will appear but they do not show up in my inbox.


3. My Samsung tablet does not appear to be syncing all of my messages like my phone does. Some of my accounts I have literally hundreds of messages on my phone in Next To None on my tablet.


I have contacted support through the mobile app and been working with them for the last two or three weeks. And I must say that their support sucks. You have a billion dollar company that can't get a mobile app right or offer proper support for it.  They did tell me they were aware of problem number one but they couldn't give me a timetable when they were going to fix it.


Anyone else experiencing any of these issues?

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