Outlook meeting invite not generating Teams link

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I use outlook application with a business account.


Since 2 days, I am unable to generate a Team meeting link in an invite in my calendar. This use to work fine. I did not change any setting.


I have the Teams Meeting add-in enabled. I followed the steps outlined in this forum (Outlook options, go to add-ins, remove Teams add-in, then wait for a few minutes, then add it back in). Same results - Team link is not generated.


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Same Story this side, very frustrating.  I have to send out the invites from outlook on the browser now.



Got the same problem!

After trying the same steps you listed in your original post I was able to resolve this same issue by completely logging out of Teams, closing Outlook, then relaunching Teams (and logging back into my account) then launching Outlook. Ridiculous, but that is what it took.
I had a similar issue and I found a solution: I customised my ribbon adding a new group with the "Don't host online" button so that it is available at all times. Then I can use it to delete the meeting information that is stored in the background and make a new teams link.