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I have a problem with blank email content. This only occurs on new version of Outlook. Resetting preferences doesn't work, outlook is up to date.




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I have the same problem. All the email content in Outlook appears blank, without content. I found also other mail app named Airmail is experiencing the same issue: all email contents are blank.

I am using Mac Ventura 13.3 (22E252).

Here the same. After the update before, a restart helped, but after the new MacOS Venture 13.3.1 my emails appear empty in the new version of Outlook.

it BOGGLES the mind, that SO many users historically have had this issue, across various versions of Mac OS, and yet it persists with nonsense resolutions provided.

@MaxB28  Me too, blank message screens and now also reading window not going to full screen except quickly showing it then going back to small screen. 16.77 and Ventura 13.50