Outlook (MacBook) not syncing Google Directory contacts

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I'm begrudgingly on a Mac and trying to replicate our corporate setup in Outlook.  I can add email and calendar fine, but contacts are in Google Directory and won't sync to Outlook contacts.  My only workaround now is click on 1000+ names, add to contacts, export, and import into Outlook, but this is a static list and quite time consuming.  


Any thoughts on a workaround?

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Finally there is a solution for that! You can sync your Google Directory users (also known as Google Workspace Directory) with your Microsoft 365 (and thus Outlook) contacts with the cloud service sync.blue. Just have a look at https://info.sync.blue/sync/microsoft-365/directory-for-google-workspace-cloud-identity-and-essentia... or try 14 days for free: https://www.sync.blue

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