Outlook Issue

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We are facing some weird issue with outlook. One of my user drafting an email with one uniform font style and when she sends to respected senders , fonts are getting changed in sent items.

All the paragraphs fonts are getting changed with diffrent style and size.

I have repaired the office suit,but didnt resolve the issue.

Please help!! :(


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What font is she starting with and what is it changing to? How is her Default Message Format set, Plain Text, HTML, or RTF?

FWIW, that askleo article really doesn't apply - you can't not use word as the editor since Outlook 2007 and only using plain text hides the problem but doesn't fix it. 


Does it happen if she uses Outlook in Safe mode? This could point to an addin. 


Are the fonts being changed to something uniform or random? 


What do you use for antivirus? Some of the outlook scanners have been known to screw up the formatting. (You don't need to scan outgoing email and should only scan incoming at the server.)