Outlook iOS - not sending attachments v4.2245.0

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I'm one of the admins for an organisation who have iOS devices managed by Intune, O365 mailboxes. We've found that on devices where Outlook has updated to v4.2245.0, the app doesn't want to send attachments. 


If the user creates a new email from the Outlook "plus" button, you can select and attach a file or photo fine. Doesn't seem to matter what format it is in, the size or even if it is embedded in the text of the email - when you then press send, the email gets sent, but there is no attachment on the email as it goes out. The Sent Items reflects this - doesn't seem to be being stripped out on the receiving end for example.


The other thing our users might do is to share a file/photo to Outlook to attach to an email. In this case, everything proceeds as it should (Outlook comes up with a new email template with the file attached which you are able to fill out as normal) until the send button is pressed. What happens here is that the user is returned to the app which is being shared from and nothing is being sent.


The iOS version of all the reported cases (including my own device) in case it is relevant is 16.1.1.


Anyone else seeing this behaviour?



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We have the same problem, also on older iOS version (16.02)
Let's hope for a fix soon !
Same here on all iPhones that have updated Outlook. The ones that haven't updated are working fine.
For what it is worth, MS have an advisory in Admin Center - why it isn't an incident I don't know!



Yea we have the same problem, been wasting hours trying to find a solution before i found this



we have the same issue with users that upgraded to this newer version.


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Hi, we had the same issues in our company with 2-3 Users.

There is now a version 4.2245.1 available and it seems to work again

Yep, just updated my Outlook and it does seem to be working again now. Going to have to check with my users but this seems positive!
Having the same issue...just had one person reset network settings and didnt help at all
Yes. Updated to 4.2245.1 and worked fine.