Outlook Full Folder Pane - Ctrl-6 Issue

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  I recently got a new computer at work, and I am remoting into it.  I set it back to the older version as I do not like the New version that I was given the option to try.  When I did, I was able to use the <Ctrl-6> again and chose the Folders so that I get the full folder list which includes the calendar.  So the new computer is fine.


  My current computer, Outlook has somehow updated, but not to the New format, but I do see that option now.  The issue is, the <Ctrl-6> doesn't work at all anymore and I can't figure out how to get the full folder list to include the calendar.  I actually prefer it in the list rather than having to press <Ctrl-2> to get to calendar mode and <Ctrl-1> to get back to Email mode.

  I thought maybe if I let outlook try the New version and then turn it off and access Outlook from the Start Menu to the older one it would fix the issue.  Nope, I still can't get the <Ctrl-6> to work.  

  I'm just confused how it's working fine on the new computer I just got, but not on my current machine?

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