Outlook for Mac synching wrong name from Google Account

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Using Outlook for Mac version 16.48 (21041102) on a Macbook Pro 2019. One of the email accounts I configured in this Outlook is my work email address which is a Google GSuite account. 

For some reason, the FULL NAME under "Personal Information" for that account under "outlook-->preference-->accounts is wrong (using my full long first name and not my common name which use everywhere) and I can't change it. I use my Full private name whenever I need to pay with my credit card as it is my legal name hence matches my bank records. Outlook probably got it off my google gsuite account when I registered and had to use my my full name to register for a busienss account but it clearly didnt sync once I've changed my name in the Google Directory.

I've checked the Google Account profile and my first name appears correctly. 
When I am sending email from Gmail on the web - my name appears to the recepient correctly.
I have this account configured on an Outlook on a PC and emails going out and coming back correctly.
It is just on the MAC that its not syncing the right name. see picture from settings. It seems to sync via "Microsoft Sync Technology".

How do I fix it? Is there any way to trigger a sync of my profile?


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