Outlook for mac not syncing Gmail inbox

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Hi All,

We have a user who started travelling last week and their outlook is not syncing their gmail inbox anymore. 


Every other sub folder under inbox is synced as well as sent items deleted etc


Tried to send an email to test if the imap sync is working correctly, the email sent and displayed in sent items.


User is running Ventura macOS and latest build of outlook updated 18 dec 22.


Checked gmail settings and imap is turned on 


Reset views in outlook...nothing seems to fix this issue



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I have exactly the same p[problem. It seems to have started when I changed to ventura

Last 5 version of Outlook for Mac (now I am running 16.73 on Ventura 13.3.1) you can't delete or move messages that just arrive in the inbox, because after the command the Outlook starts automatically to sync with Gmail and the messages reappear. Anyone is facing the same problema? Beta version just got worst for this problema.
we have left to sit down and pray

@jasonlevy Me too... There's a problem with sync. That's a headache. I'm paying the Office 365 subscription because Outlook was the best for my purposes. What's happening? There are some bug revisions in updates these last days, but no one is making outlook to work again.

Any suggestions? 

Thank you Tech Community!!


Hi, I have the same proble - everything went well with Outlook until last synch of gmail inbox was 6 june 2023. Deleted and registered account several times without any result.

OS Monterey 12.6.6 and Outlook for mac 16.74 

Does somebody have an idea what to do???


Many thanks