Outlook for Mac (16.x) is adding UTF-8 BOM to text attachments

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How do I tell Outlook to *not* add the UTF-8 BOM marker to text files that are attached (incoming) to emails? This is really messing up the incoming text files that people send me in order for us to help them debug a program. I can download the file successfully from my GMail web interface, Thunderbird, Postbox and about any other email client. But Outlook is adding this UTF-8 BOM to the text files and it is maddening.


Each time I have an attachment I have to go to the web browser, log in, find the message and then download from there.


Any help would be spectacular.


I have tried going through the usual "help" route from within Outlook itself but those representatives, as helpful as they are, are not setup to answer this kind of question.



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