Outlook for iOS in iPhone X - missing draft folder

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Hi all,
I have a customer who's using Outlook for iOS on iPhone X with the most recent update. Apparently the draft folder is 'missing'. It is not showing on the side menu nor adding to favourite folders. Is this normal? My client works heavily with drafts. Any advise that i can set to display permanently?

In addition, is draft sync with Outlook 2016 on pc?

Customer is using Office Exchange Online email.

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Hi Kenny


If your customer can't see the Drafts folder in the menu, try the following to resync the Favorites with the mobile app:


  1. Go to their Outlook app on the computer.
  2. If Drafts is not in the Favorites area of the navigation pane, right click onto Drafts in the list and Show in Favorites.
  3.  Go to the mobile phone and boot up the app. It should take a few seconds to resync and add the Drafts back to the Favorites.
  4. If your customer doesn't see it, make sure they kill the app in phone memory and try again.

See if that does the trick?


If you are using Office 365, the emails and folders will sync across both apps. If you are not, give it a try anyway!



Best of luck!