Outlook for Android update has broken access to my non-O365 IMAP email account


As of the latest update, which I believe I received about 3 or 4 days ago, my non-microsoft email account that is attached to my personal domain is no longer accessible from my mobile device (android) using the Outlook email client for android.  When running Outlook, I would get a message along the lines of "you must re-enter your credentials for account 'services@davidjpreston.info' (IMAP)".  Clicking OK takes me to a screen showing the data for both the account mentioned in the message and another account that i have on my phone that is working fine.  All of the fields are empty requiring me to re-enter everything, however, after re-entering the correct information, the message still appears in outlook.


I tried everything I could think of, including deleting and re-adding the account (which didn't work).  The auto config fails, then defaults me to IMAP settings, which don't work, and no option for advanced configuration, or to revert to SMTP/POP3????  SMTP/POP3 would actually be an option for me, if the auto-config didn't decide that I should be using IMAP.  There is also no visibility into how outlook is using the information (no indication of use of SSL/TLS, or what config info is being returned by my mail server that I could use to troubleshoot why the automatic config is not working).  All these things together make absolutely certain that there is no way for me to get this working!


The manual config just returns a message "The connection to your mail server timed out. Please check your mail settings."


I'm a bit upset about this, since I don't really have the time to be troubleshooting this, and I feel that some services, like email, should just work.


Incidentally, I'm a software engineer by trade, and I have to say, I don't think that this product (Outlook for Android) would pass our QA testing at the company that I work for.

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