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Anyone know why my business email all of a sudden picks and chooses which emails it will send as well as receive.? My clients aren’t getting my responses or invoices and I’m missing emails from new clients as well …. It’s like something is blocking things and have tried finding answers everywhere but no luck…. Any help would be appreciated!  

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Hi @Taraplouck,

Here are some potential solutions that could help you:

  1. Check Outlook's online status:
    Ensure that Outlook is not set to offline mode accidentally, as this could be the reason for the delay.
  2. Restart Outlook:
    Close and reopen Outlook.
  3. Re-create (remove and create) a new email profile:
    Remove the existing email profile:
    Remove a profile - Microsoft Support
    Create a new email (Outlook) profile:
    Create an Outlook profile - Microsoft Support

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