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I am using Outlook internet - not desktop for my emails.  When I am composing an email, I can no longer move to other folders.  As an example, I am composing an email and want to look at an email in my sent folder to get an address. I now need to save the current email I am working on and then I can move to a sub-folder to get the information. 

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Hi @Sgordon18729,


I cannot reproduce the issue. I'm working with Office 365 OWA using Chrome web browser on Windows 10.  

Actually this is not correct. My office assistant posted it on my behalf. I cannot even save the draft and move to another folder. I have to refresh my browser in order to move out of 'compose'.  Can anyone help?  This started about 10 days ago and it is making me crazy. I have rebooted the computer, logged out of outlook and logged back in.....same issue.  Help!!!!