Outlook (Desktop Application) | Unable to re-launch/re-open application after closing.

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Version: Outlook Desktop Application Version 16.012527.21236

Account: Enterprise account (organization)




On 10/28/20, I installed the most recent available version of Office365 on my computer. 


However, I am encountering an issue where the Outlook application does not relaunch after I close the initial instance. 


I am able to launch the application in SafeMode, however, the interface is different and there are functions that I am unable to use. After successfully launching the application in SafeMode, I am still not able to open the launch normally.


The application starts the initialization process, and I can see the icon pop-up on the hidden icon menu, but then it fails to fully load, and eventually, the initialization screen and hidden icon disappear. 


I check the taskbar menu and there are no Outlook processes/services running.


My current workaround entails, running the 'Quick Repair' via Control Panel. After the repair is finished running I am able to open Outlook and resume my work. 


Any suggestions for a more permanent fix?

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