Outlook Copying Meetings

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I am using the below to try and help me turn my copying meeting back on, but it does not seem to be working. Has anyone seen this issue?


If you have a need to re-enable copying meetings, you can set a non-policy registry key. As noted above, the practice of copying meetings can cause unexpected issues. If you re-enable the functionality and experience issues, please delete the copied meeting, and start with a new meeting. 




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Unfortunately, I also have such a problem. I find it extremely important to copy meetings without having to fill in everything anew constantly. Having to fill in the appointments individually with customers is super annoying now. I never had problems with that before.

Where exactly do you have to use this key?

This is a HUGE problem for me as well. I need to be able to copy/paste meetings between calendars quickly. Making a shared calendar is not a solution, and the fix above doesn't work.

Please fix this very soon Microsoft.