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Having successfully opened my Microsoft account, I go to Services & subscriptions, and click on Use Outlook.com for free, to open my Outlook account.

In the past, Outlook has asked to verify my account by sending a code to my prearranged alternative Email account. 

I have now been unexpectedly asked to verify my Outlook account by sending a code to my United Kingdom (+44) phone number. I have not declared a prearranged phone number. Entering my land line phone number is rejected with the appearance of Invalid request. Please try again. 

Invalid request. Please try again.Invalid request. Please try again.

An internet search says you must use a mobile or cell phone number. But my colleagues and I do not have access to a mobile or cell phone. 

Get account help by email says Sorry, account help by email isn't available in all countries or regions. 


Has anyone encountered this dilemma and is willing to tell the Outlook community their solution ? (that does not include a mobile phone number)

Thank you in anticipation.  Kind regards. 

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New support requestNew support request

The Microsoft Support in Great Britain (GB), aka United Kingdom (UK), does not allow submission of New support request. Although my Microsoft Account credentials will sign in, this US page just keeps rapidly refreshing and thereby will not allow UK access to this page. 

Can any of the Microsoft Help Team offer how UK customers can submit New support request? 

"Outlook.com - Verify your Account (by phone) says "Invalid request. Please Try again." There is no default to Verify your Account (by alternative Email) when customer does not have cell phone."

Thank you in anticipation. Kind regards.