Outlook.com spam filter pathetic?

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Not even sure if I'm in the right place, but is it only my experience or is the outlook.com (I'm talking about the server as such, not the Outlook program) SPAM filter pathetic? It won't filter most of actual spam I keep getting these days from major companies I don't want to have anything to do with (and I don't even know where they got my e-mail from TBH), but things that are not spam and messages received from senders I frequently correspond with are often thrown out, to the detriment of my business... Ridiculous.


And yes, I know I can whitelist aliases and domain names, thanks.

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Yes, I am in total agreement. The poor junk/spam filter needs an option to filter and block senders with clearly spammy email addresses like "return@bend.rest.j2c4shtpnk.uk" or "return@sanangelo.rest.xdy03zhhmm.uk". If they can't do this on their end, at least provide an option to create a rule that blocked emails with sender addresses containing a certain ridiculous number of characters.