Outlook can't find emails, not indexing.

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Dear community

I came across some issue with one of the computers.

After checking errors on the system and came with green tick on this, Outlook 2016 cannot find emails and is not indexing, each time I open it the amount of item to index grows but not reduce.

Already try the SARA tool, remake the profile, Safe Mode (which is working correctly), disable addins, check on the index options.

By other hand on the same computer, the search option in the folders is not giving any results (is not answering) and the indexing seems to be not indexing anything (once I try to rebuild the index, is not getting any change on the number of files to index).

More things, the Troubleshooter in Windows options for Search is not working neither, gives back an error regarding File explorer allowance.

Do you have any ideas that I may put in use, really I don't want to get to the reinstall windows point yet.


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