Outlook Calendar: Not Seeing Accepted Attendees

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Not sure if this is intended functionality or not, but I've never noticed this in the outlook calendar before so wanted to bring it up. It seems really counterintuitive to me!


If you accept a meeting invitation but choose to not send the response email, then the meeting organizer only sees that you HAVE NOT responded, even though the attendee accepted the invite. The attendee's calendar says they have accepted, but the meeting organizer is left wondering why the person did not respond Yes or No.


This seems really silly to me. I often don't want to load people's email inboxes with so many emails, so I choose to accept invites but not send the email response. But I still want the meeting organizer to know that I've accepted!


I know the workaround is to just accept the meeting invitation and send the email. I've mentioned this to my whole work team and none of them knew that Outlook functioned this way! All of them thought the meeting organizer would see they've accepted, even if they didn't send the response email.


Is there a setting that allows the organizer to see all attendees who have accepted/rejected - even those who didn't send an email?

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Hi @jsasani, and Happy Workday to you. 
I was really curious about this post for I had thought the response was noted without an email as well.
Here is what I learned and tested.

This issue has been communicated to MS since 2017.  It appears that it does not work when Outlook Windows is used. I tested and confirmed it.
Then I tested in Outlook for the Web, I discovered that the Do Not Send a Response is not an option.  See the image below. 
Do not send a response 2021-07-19_21-42-04.png

Many Outlook users and including me, agree with you.  This feature has created a lot of confusion and more email handling. And, hopefully, Microsoft agrees with you too. 

Have a good day. 

Thanks for your response! From Outlook for Web there is a way to turn off the email (just slide the toggle for "Email organizer"), but even when I turn off the email response the organizer still sees that I've accepted or rejected the meeting. So that's great! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Sounds like it's best to use the Web version in this case.