Outlook calendar add-in to store personal notes on events

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Hi All. We have a need to enable people to make personal notes associated with Outlook calendar events. In the past colleagues have used the OneNote integration but this is problematic in the new version of Outlook as it doesn't automatically connect to a note that's already been made against the event. I'd have thought it would be relatively easy to create an Outlook add-in that would use the unique identifier for the event - e.g. iCalUId - to match against a a securely stored note but I've so far not found anything that does what we are after.


Here are some examples of the scenarios we'd want to cover:

  • An individual wants to make some personal notes ahead of a meeting as part of their preparation that will be quickly available from the Outlook (and/or Teams) calendar
  • an executive assistance wants to provide a private briefing note to an executive director related to an upcoming meeting that both the executive assistant and director can quickly retrieve from the relevant event in either the Outlook and/or Teams calendar

I'd love to help develop an app for this but it's a bit out of my capacity and capability at this time - I considered a simple Outlook add-in that would enable an individual to point the to a specific OneDrive or SharePoint folder that stored items using the unique event id. The idea is that this would enable the quick addition and retrieval of a note against the specific item and also allow for shared notes as it would just require those with delegated access to use a folder they both had access too - even nicer if sperate folders could be set up for specific mailboxes.


I'd imagine that this would be a fairly common requirement so I'd be very interested to hear if there are people within the community who have already established either a technology or a way of working that facilitates this type of need.


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@Phil Maynard 


In New Outlook, one workaround is dragging the 'calendar event email' from the Inbox to MyDay Tasks, which integrates with the To-Do App. The To-Do app lets users capture notes or tasks related to the event and has sharing capabilities.


However, I loved the idea of having a private, shareable note or task section within the calendar event. I plan to share this idea with Microsoft. 


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Thanks Teresa. Using the 'calendar event email' to manage the notes within To-Do is an interesting option, although it's not very easy to find the relevant email so would be hard to role our to our users. Still, it may open up other ideas. Thanks again.