Outlook app on iOS - Widget "unable to load"


Not sure if its a recent update to the app or the iPhone X is not yet fully supported, but since a couple of weeks the Outlook widget will not load any data. Can see it flash some events when you try to refresh it, but then will immediately come back with an "Unable to Load" message.


It's been working great for months till now, and I've already tried the delete browser cache > delete Outlook App > Restart phone and reinstall app, solution already.

Anybody else noticing it, or have a fix for it? Running version 2.67.0 on iPhone X 11.2.6.


2018-03-12 16_44_48-Widget.png




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I have the same issue on my 8 plus

Checking other users with older iPhones seems not to have the issue



Same on my iPhone 8

I actually opened a case with MS on this, directly thru the App, and they basically said it's a know issue and others have complained about it too. There was no ETA on when a fix would be made available. 


I suggest others to open cases with support too (Help > Contact Support in-app), and put more pressure on them to fix it :)

I have the same issue! I've opened feedback in the app. I've been told issue is under investigation. It was working on version before OM 2.71.1(don't know which version that was..). I hope they fix it soon. 2.72.0 didn't fix it. I'm on ip6s, 11.3. 

It’s now 04 Oct 2019 and I can tell you this is still unresolved on iOS 13.1.2 iPhone 8+ and iPadOS. Such a great app and such a shame that something like this lets it down. If it doesn’t work, Microsoft should remove it as an option on the Home screen widget!!
I’m on iPhone X and having this same issue.

Was anybody able to find a fix for this?

Below is the working FIX:

Delete current widget.

Delete current Outlook app

Re install Outlook app again 

Add widget again 


these steps will resolve your issues!!