Outlook 2021 Spell check not working

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Good evening Team


I have recently bought Microsoft Office 2021.


I am experiencing an issue with outlook where spell check is not working when composing new emails (when I compose a reply to an email the spell check works but only sometimes)

Also it works only if I copy text from say word for example and paste it into a new email in outlook. spell check is always working in word it's just outlook. So if I type a heap of jumbled characters the spell checker doesn't underline in red (like MS word is doing) I have been though all the troubleshooting with a Microsoft support agent who has checked my settings via remote assistance and he also couldn't get it to work. He checked and said that he is having the same issue with Outlook 2021 on his work machine.

He suggested I uninstall office restart my device and then install it again.

He told me to post onto this community and engineers will see this. He said I need to wait till this gets patched via update. I have a support request number #1031370106


Hoping it wont take too long before this gets patched as atm I have to copy my email and paste it into word before sending to check for spelling mistakes!

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@Autistic_EwokI have the same issue with Outlook 2021.  Found the pressing F7 initiates a spell check.  Could not get it to display in tool bar when composing, and was grayed out at other times.


Try F7 when you want to spell check.

Do you have the new Microsoft Editor in Outlook? That could be interfering with spell check (because it has a spell check option.)

Are you using a signature? Are you typing in the signature field?

Try disabling spell check as you type, Apply, them turn it back on.
When the Outlook spell checker stops working, in most cases, one of the following reasons is the culprit: The spell checker and AutoCorrect aren't activated. The language settings are incorrect, and Outlook is spell checking your text in a different language.

This may help?