Outlook 2021 crashes when I click the signatures button

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I've been having huge problems with Office 2021 (see my separate threads on problems with Tables and images in Word). I'm using Office 2021 on Windows 11 and am based in the UK so using "en-gb" language settings.

Outlook 2021 crashes when I click the signatures button in Mail settings. Each time, every time.

I've repaired, reinstalled, run in safe mode with CTRL pressed - none of these help and the problem remains and crashes Outlook 100% of the time,

I found this article suggesting it's a problem only when using en-gb language settings. Outlook freezes when selecting the Signature button (microsoft.com)


Anybody have any idea when this problem will be fixed? I'm also wondering if it's the root cause of the problems I'm seeing in Word?

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@arj-2021-UK i found uninstalling, searching the registry for the key mentioned in that article, deleting any entries, rebooting, reinstalling and running an online repair fixed the issue for one of the PCs i'm having this issue on


i've had it crop up on another pc and nothing is working to fix this one now... :sad:

Yes, I tried that too without any luck. It's annoying that the "Office uninstall support tool" doesn't have an option to uninstall Office 2021 (it only goes up to 2019). I tried the tool but it didn't work. I tried the manual steps but it didn't work.

Are you using en-gb out of interest?
We've suddenly started getting this since machines updated to version 2109 build 14430.20342
Huw are you also using en-gb language settings?
It looks like it's connected with en-gb as suggested in the article I referenced in my original post. Can I suggest you report it to Microsoft using "Feedback" in Outlook. I've already done this but I guess the more people who report it the greater the chance of a fix.

Out of interest do you also have problems in Word trying to alter Table Properties? For me Word crashes when I try and do this.
Yes just tried word and seeing the same issue there!
Huw, thanks for checking. It confirm my suspicion that the two issues are connected.
I also have had this issue, with outlook and the table properties in word also.
I've just fixed it on my machine, uninstalled office 365 and made sure the built-in office apps were also deleted and then deleted all those reg edits as mentioned in the post that was shared above.

Now I've reinstalled 365 and it is working correctly.
I've tried that too but without success. Office 2021 will reinstall but problem remains. Unfortunately the uninstall tool only works with Office 2019 which doesn't help!

@arj-2021-UK So this is a workaround rather than a fix, as it does not stop Outlook crashing when you click options/mail/signatures, but it will save you re-installing.

I had a previous signatures folder that I had saved with my signature (I tend to do this so I can port it about my many devices). This can be found in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft.

I simply copy this into the same folder on the new PC and you will be able to add signatures.


Obviously not a nice bug, I have only experienced this on Outlook 2021 on Windows 11 with en-gb settings, I hope they fix it soon as I want to be able to update the signature.