Outlook 2016 Indexing Issues on local PST

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Hello. I'm running Zimbra Server and have a user who let his malibox get to a massively large 57GB size. I also am in the process of upgrading his PC to a new Windows 10 machine with Outlook 2016. I decided to take this opportunity to archive his emails for him by pulling out a good chunk of them and saving them to a local PST file on the new machine. Indexing seems to be Ok in the original mailbox, but not when I try to search for something in the local PST. I've made sure that Indexing Options are set to include the local C drive, and Outlook. I've also set it to include the file contents and properties of PST files per the screen shot below.

Is there something I'm missing here? Any help would be greatly appreciated before I pull out what little hair I have left. Thanks.

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@Patrick Wilson 


What is the result after Rebuilding the indexing search catalog?

What is the behavior in a new blank profile and attaching just this PST?

What is the behavior in safe mode?

Make sure “Windows Search” service is running and set to Automatic (Delayed Start).

Repair Office and check the behavior.



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