OneNote Meeting Details 'Today's meetings' has stopped working

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I was able until yesterday, Monday, May 2, to click on the 'Send to OneNote' from an Outlook-booked meeting and after choosing a folder, OneNote opened a page with the title and date of the meeting and all the invitees listed.  This has suddenly stopped working for me.

Also, the Meeting Details button shows NO meetings listed for today or any other day.




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Same seems to work on and off. Today I have a red 'X' where the calendar used to be.
same here, have you found any workaround or resolution for this?

@Stephprovan155 Unfortunately no, I uninstalled it and just went through a painful reinstall a few minutes ago to get the newer version to show up. Only workaround at this time is to use the older one note and then revert. It has been acting up recently and just stopped cold yesterday (8/4) with this red 'X' under Meeting details. The Outlook add-in defaults to the older version and I cant find an updated one.