On-Going Outlook OST Corruption

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Good Evening All:


My team and I have been trying to resolve an ongoing Outlook (OS: 19043.1288 / Office: 13801.21004) stability/reliability issue for almost two weeks. The issue started with common OST corruption message that is resolved by deleting the OST and letting it rebuild. This user didnt use the Online Archive they were given and their Exchange Online mailbox grew to almost 80GB and their OST was hovering about 60GB. This resolved the issue for about 24 hours and then the issue occurred again.


Upon further investigation, there was a lot of events in the Windows Event Log that made us think the user may have a hardware issue (they were scheduled to be getting a new machine soon). To rule out hardware, we deployed a newly imaged loaner system (HP Spectre) with the same version of Outlook. The user reported no issues for about 36-48 hours after being given the new system. Outlook crashed and the OST corruption error came back. At this point, we got the user to let us enable auto archiving and we were able to reduce the mailbox size to about 30GB over the next 36 hours. We deleted the OST and let Outlook rebuild. All was ok until about 24 hours later and the same Outlook crashing behavior occurred.


Running out of ideas we deployed a Surface Book 3 (OS: 19043.1288 / Office:13801.21004) to this user with a new display and docking station. The Surface Book was fully updated from a drivers and firmware perspective. The system was running fine for almost 96 hours and then the same Outlook crash and OST corruption error occurs. The Windows Event Logs have similar app crash logs for Outlook that others have posted without any solid resolutions.


At this point we have removed all shared calendars (with the exception of one), the mailbox is about 36GB big on Exchange Online, deleted the old OST, Windows Updates are current, software installed on the system is the baseline install we use on all of users machines. We are waiting to see what happens next.

Has anyone had any breakthroughs in resolving any similar issues?




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