Office suite 10 and Outlook.

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Sorry for posting what is probably a very stupid question which has been worrying me for some months.  I read last autumn that Office 2010 was no longer to be supported.  I also read that Outlook would be finishing this year.  I use Outlook as part of 2010.  I asked a friend who uses Outlook and he said that no nothing is changing with regards to Outlook and anything I had read must be a scam.


So, please can one of you knowledgeable people reassure me that I can just carry on using Outlook for my emails.  I thought I would just carry as well with 2010 for the word and excel documents I produce as a home user understanding there are no more updates for these.  If Outlook is not disappearing I assume it is still safe?  Your reassurance or advice if I am wrong would be gratefully received.

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"No longer supported" doesnt mean that the application will suddenly stop working. You will probably still be able to use it just fine for a while, but it no longer receives feature and security updates. And the case of services such as Exchange Online/Office 365, Microsoft might decide to block access at some point.

@Vasil Michev 

Thank you for your response.  So it seems that if I don't do something about Outlook right now I will have to at some point over this year because with it being used to receive my emails (got a domain name) Outlook could become a security issue or it might just cease to work?  My friend is therefore not correct in telling me to ignore the issue, which he says he is going to.  My option is to pay for Office 365 or just move over to my gmail address for all my emails and not just some of them. Correct?

It's really up to you. Usually it's a good idea to update to more recent version, but of course there are costs associated with that. You are certainly missing on some new features as well, but you might not even need them. Another option is to use the webmail instead.