Office 365 Outlook Group not loading in browser

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I am a member of a number of Outlook Groups, but the primary one is not loading in my browser. I have rebooted my laptop with no result and have the same problem on my 2nd laptop.


I have the Groups app on my phone and that is fine. Thoughts?

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Which browser do you use? 

Paul I use both Microsoft Edge and Chrome. The same problem arises when I try to open the Group page in the Microsoft Teams desktop app. 

All the features of our Outlook Group are available to me by workarounds from other start points.

Here are screenshots:


 using a Chrome browserusing a Chrome browserusing the Teams desktop appusing the Teams desktop app

You won't be able to read those shots...these are larger


in Teamsin Teamsin Chromein Chrome

The one is not under more as well? I think it has nothing to do with your laptop by the way as you use most recent browsers.

Try clearing the browser cache/cookies or a Private session. If this happens for other users too, open a support case as it's most likely something on the backend.