No share to teams button in my outlook

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Last month, we start to be able to use "share to outlook" from teams, but we still do not see the "share to teams" button in outlook as stated in microsoft support


Can you please help to clarify? Is there any setting we need to do by admin




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This depends on the version/build of Outlook, if you are on anything newer than the semi-annual channel build it should be available already.

Thank you very much
We are in the monthly channel, and I normally get new feature pretty fast. However, I still do not have it. Is there anything we should do from Admin side

Not that I know of, perhaps it's just a delayed rollout on the backend.

@Vasil Michevthank you very much. I will just wait 

Hi, I have version 2003 but the Share to Teams option isn't showing. Any ideas? The Teams com add-in is enabled.  

Does anyone have update? we still do not have it 

@Vasil Michev 


Does this also depend on this setting in Teams Admin Center ? Does this setting need to be "ON" for  "Share to Teams"  in Outlook?



@Microsoft_Teams_team  Any update on missing "Share to Teams" button in Outlook?  Are there any minimum versions of Outlook needed or  any setting  like "Allow users to send email to channel email address" ?

Seems like Microsoft is still rolling out this feature (surprisingly a long time). I still don't see this button in our tenant.

@Andre Siregar 

Thank you for your response. Yes, the roadmap shows is rolling out now. but we still do not have it 

@Jin Chen facing same here with our tenant. Roll out seems to take longer than expected. The roadmap item can be found here Teams-Outlook Email Integrations.

@Jin Chen— We still don't have it as of August 18 2020.  6 months for rolling out this feature seems unbelievable.

@Bram de Jager Thank you for you reply. This feature's roll out seem to be a major delay and unbelievable. Also, it seems we have never received any feedback from MSFT on this issue. 

@Jin Chen Yep, I'm waiting for it as well.

@ChristianBergstrom Thank you, but we still do not have it 

@Jin Chen 


Still waiting. really need this to help get users engaged with Teams who are entrenched with email/Outlook. (please stop emailing me files for the love of god!)