No reminders in the new Outlook app

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Hi to all,


I just switched to the new Outlook which is very similar to the online version. But, after I switched, I stopped receiving reminders for meetings, even though they are on.


The same thing is happening to my other two colleagues that have tried the new Outlook. The moment we returned to the "old" Outlook, everything worked fine.


ps. The Grammarly add-on for Outlook is not working anymore and I just hope that will be fixed as well.

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I am an independent advisor answering Outlook questions.


Meeting Reminders: This sounds like a bug. Please report it to Microsoft. Thanks for being an early adopter.  



Grammarly: I use Grammarly as well. (I don't leave home without it. :cryingwithlaughter:)
I am not having any issues. 



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Hi Teresa,

Thank you for your reply. I reported the problem when Diagnose told me one disturbing thing. To ensure that my Windows notification is enabled as well. IDK why would Windows notifications have anything to do with the Outlook app but In my company, Windows notifications are off. We just use in-App notifications so this new version of Outlook is a no-go for my company.


Also thank you for your screenshots a lot! It helped me realize that you are using Grammarly for Windows which does work. I just had a better experience with the Grammarly add-on for MS Office as it gives me a full side panel and a better overview. And that add-on is not working anymore on the new Outlook version. 


I just hope that they plan to at least return all the functionalities that current Outlook has, as this new version is no advancement - it's a strip-down. Even our old signatures are now deformed in the new's a real disaster...hopefully for now.



Thank you for the update and the clarity, which will help others with similar issues.


Also, I am glad to hear that you reported it so MS can add it to their list of missed functionalities.




I'm having the same issue.



I was looking at this particular problem myself.

The new app isn't actually a new app I was told. It's an app that  simulates the online version of outlook. This way it looks like a new app but it's more like a saas solution than an actual app (or maybe entirely a saas solution)


So the only way to get notification from this is by having your windows notifications on since it's sending notifications for your reminders but are only displayed in your windows notifications

I found this thread when searching online about this same issue. After reading this post, I went to check my Windows Notification settings. It's turned on globally and for Outlook specifically, but I still don't get meeting reminders. I do see notifications of new emails and meeting invites. I'm not sure, but I think I also don't see To Do reminders when I set them. I'm trying to stick with the 'New' UI, but am struggling in a few areas, including this one.

@JSiemens I'm having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

@Damon Sexton There are no solutions as the new Outlook is not an app but a SaaS solution, as @EngR001 said. It could happen that there will never be notifications in the new Outlook. I see that the new Teams went the same way.


It looks to me (but it's also obvious) that Microsoft is forcing users to turn on Windows notifications and it might be related to the new Windows 11 experience (read: spying & annoying with ads) they are forcing. I can already see it together with Copilot - notification bar filled with ads.


We have until next September when we will be forced to the new version. If they don't return app notifications, I know that my company will switch to other emailing and meeting app solutions as Windows notification and Windows 11 are a NO-GO at my company.

@Damon Sexton I don't believe that I changed anything after I posted in July. However, since then, the app has been updated numerous times. I do get meeting reminders now. In general, I've been finding that the app is improving bit by bit. 

Are those reminders with a sound from the Outlook app, and not the Windows notification center?



I have found a way to turn these on, but I still can't find a way to set up timed flag reminders like I've used forever in the previous version.  


Go to Settings at the top bar, then General.  Under Notifications, you can click the arrow next to the different sections.  For me, Calendar was toggled 'On', however, when I clicked the arrow, the notification style of 'None' was selected.  Change this to Reminder or Desktop.  Not the same, but at least it works for calendar reminders.




@AshHoweBU That's ok but the New Outlook is missing so MANY crucial (for my company) functionalities that we decided not to move to the new Outlook app until it is forced. 


We are already struggling with the new Teams (it is forced for some users) and it is a complete disaster. They can't join meetings, the app freezes when joining or sharing screen, etc. Our Microsoft partner couldn't solve it and says there is no fix for whoever is affected.


So, in general, we are moments away from moving away from M365. e.g. if they would force new Outlook now we would immediately move to other solutions.