No Flag option in OWA rules

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When I go to set up a rule in outlook web (OWA), there is no option to select 'flag email' action. This is available in the desktop version. I'm using corporate managed Office 365. Is it just not an option in the web version of outlook?



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That has been a missing feature for a long time. You can pin stuff but that just clutters the top of your inbox.


The availability of certain features in Outlook Web App (OWA) can vary depending on the version and configuration of your Office 365 environment. In some cases, certain actions or options may not be available in OWA compared to the desktop version of Outlook.

Regarding the specific issue with the "Flag email" action not appearing in OWA rules, it's possible that this feature is not currently supported in your version of OWA or it may be disabled by your organization's IT administrator.

To confirm if the "Flag email" action is available or enabled in your OWA, you can reach out to your IT support or administrator. They will have access to the configuration settings of your Office 365 environment and can provide more information on the specific options and features available in OWA.

Alternatively, you can also try accessing OWA from different browsers or devices to see if the option appears in any specific configuration. However, if the option is consistently not available, it's likely a limitation or configuration specific to your Office 365 environment.

If flagging emails is an essential requirement for your workflow, you may consider using the desktop version of Outlook, which typically offers more extensive features and customization options compared to the web version.

Hi @NikolinoDE


you wrote:

The availability of certain features in Outlook Web App (OWA) can vary depending on the version and configuration of your Office 365 environment.


Wow, really? I thought all OWA users work with the same version. Could you please  explain how a user can change their OWA version?

@Victor Ivanidze 

Outlook Web App (OWA) can have different features and functionalities depending on the user's specific configuration and the version of Office 365 they are using. The availability of certain features can be controlled by the organization's IT administrator, who can enable or disable specific options based on their preferences or security requirements.


It's common for organizations to customize and configure OWA to meet their specific needs. This means that different users within the same organization may have access to different features or see variations in the OWA interface. Some users may have a more limited feature set, while others may have additional capabilities based on their role or permissions.


If you notice differences in OWA functionality between different users within your organization, it's likely due to the settings and configurations established by your IT department. If you have specific questions or concerns about the availability of certain features in OWA, it's best to reach out to your IT support or administrator for clarification and assistance. They will have the most accurate information regarding the OWA setup within your organization.

Hi @NikolinoDE,

don't be offended but your answer is too general.

Could you please tell me if there exists OWA that supports emails flagging?

If yes - which Office 365 version provides this functionality?



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Creating a flag with a rule is NOT supported in OWA or new Outlook. You can Bing/Google and confirm.


You are right, there is no way in Outlook Web. 

My mistake in reasoning, thanks for the clarification, helped.

As you said, when setting up a rule in Outlook Web (OWA), there is no option to select the "Flag email" action.

As far as I could research, however, as a workaround, one could flag emails for follow-up in OWA by sending the message, then opening the Sent Items folder and using the "Flag Quick Actions" button, or right-clicking and "Flag" from the context menu.



It's not a workaround - you just told us a user can flag manually.
Call it what you like, it's just an alternative approach.
Oh yes, sure - a car's manual transmission is just an alternative approach of automatic one!
Yes, there is love in the air! ...or too much air! :))
Anyway, I wish you continued success!
Thanks for everyone's response here. I appreciate the communities support in confirming this. At least I know to try alternative methods (currently I'm using power automate). I really could not find anything when searching, which is why I posted here. Maybe I just didn't search correctly.
It's disingenuous to suggest that it's an organization option when nobody in my Google searches has been able to do this. Just say it's not supported, and then we'll lean on MS through product feedback to get it implemented. OWA has a "Flagged" filter option, so it's not like the Flag has been deprecated for the web, unlike the Journal.

It's obvious that MS wants us to transition from these Windows clients to the web/apps - but it's difficult to do so when our workflows revolve around things that aren't in the web clients or Windows Store apps.