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A new sidebar displaying different navigation apps have suddenly appeared to the left of my email categories. This clutters up my email page and reduces the space for emails showing. There seems to be no way to hide this new sidebar and I really want to because it's ugly and interfering. Can anybody help or am I stuck with this? Here is a picture showing what it looks like. It just appeared today and was never there before. 

It begins on the left side of the "New Message" button and shows different icons.mail.jpg

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They announced this a while back ( however they didnt mention any customization options for this. As I still dont have it in my tenant, I cannot confirm whether you can move it around.

Hi I have to say I have this as additional icons that work as OWA and it works great it is very helpful and speeds up many steps would be fantastic if it was implemented for all users! switch between applications works very quickly Stitches sync perfectly - Congratulations to the Office team and outlook team a great idea that helps and works well :thumbs_up: Thank you very much Andrew
So I guess there's no way to hide or get rid of it. This is the first i'm seeing it as it wasn't there before today and I hate it. :(
Not a user using a Microsoft account has enabled web synchronisation for such great products I consider this the most important improvement of Outlook that we have been waiting for - It gives a direct step from the mail program to the Office Web application such automation accelerates the work directly and is added free of charge for users Please see how it works and save directly in the Notepad OneNote which is also synchronised Good luck - I'm waiting for feedback
Hi Wasil Michev please remove this link because it is useless for most MTC members who are not MPV good luck Andrew
I don't think anyone replying here understands what i'm talking about. Is this a community board for general users of Outlook e mail or for people who work in Microsoft? I think i'm in the wrong place. I was looking for a place as a user to vent frustration at the ugly icons that have invaded the left side of my e mail box. I guess this isn't the place for that.

@chris330r I see it, I don't like.


If this feature was so great, Microsoft would be happy to let you get rid of it, because they would be confident you won't .....

Today I opened my e mail and now see they have separated my e mails apart from each other in blocks by days and months. So the layout is even worse than before and there's no way to change it. I save some e mails in the inbox and they are always closely lumped together and easy to see....but starting today they are now all separated by bold headers saying days of the week or which month they came.

Did people ask for these changes?! I don't think so! I have been using Outlook e mail so many years that I still have my address which I love having, but these changes are making me hate Outlook for the first time in 15 years. :(

At least give us the options to CHANGE the layout to our preferences. I think you're right Raffles, if they thought these new features were so great, they wouldn't mind if we chose to revert to the old layout----and wouldn't have to force it upon us against our will.

I may have to look around for another email provider if this is not changeable.
I also got that sidebar, and I am really frustrated over its appearance.

It's been a couple of days with it and I still hate it but i'm learning to ignore it. I hate that it pushes all the e mail towards the middle of the screen because of that stupid sidebar.

I did find a way to get all my e mails lumped back together again. For some reason Outlook decided to change the layout to show "Date Headers" which separates all the e mails by the day, week, and month they came. So if you go into settings, and click "Layout", at the very bottom you can check "Don't show date headers in message list" and all the emails will be back together again.

I guess I can learn to live with the sidebar if they don't make any more changes. Of all the email providers i've used, Outlook is by far my favorite and i'd hate to have to give it up after all these years.

Hello. I am here too short to give you a solution,  I am happy with such interest in participating in the MTC, every contribution is valuable thank you very much Andrew 

 Your statement is fantastic thank you! We all have our habits and it is normal that sudden changes we criticize but it is important to find a solution that helps and works for all Microsoft is always looking in this way and as you can see is the recognition of users . Good luck


You CAN turn this off!

Go to Files/Options/Advanced, and uncheck "Show Apps in Outlook."


Great find.  Reset the view for me.  Thanks!

Thanks, Parallax3D that worked.