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In the NEW OUTLOOK – resend of already sent email is not possible why? In Older version of Out Look resend of already sent email was possible, and also when the resend is clicked the send email opens up – so that any changes in email already sent, is needed can be made or altered – this is an excellent option. Hence I request you to re-introduce RESEND Option ( one the resend is clicked the already sent message should not go automictically, manual sending option to be given – so that any changes need to make in the already sent email is corrected , and then manually I can send the email . Thank you, Regards, Meenakshi, Mumbai, India

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Hi @Meenakshi17856, what do you mean saying NEW OUTLOOK?


I believe I have up-to-date Outlook. Look:


@Victor Ivanidze 


Fantastic Friday to you!

In NEW OUTLOOK FOR MAC: When I send an email form Outlook. And want to re-send the email. There is now icon of this in the MESSAGE dropped down.

In the earlier version of OUTLOOK, I can press the resend icon where my sent email opens up, and if I want to make any changes, I can do that and send again. This option is missing in the NEW OUT LOOL FOR MAC.

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Hi @Meenakshi17856, I told about Outlook for Windows. 

the option you are showing in not in my OUT LOOK MAC. ( I made a screen shot of it. but don't know how to paste it here)

@Meenakshi17856 I'm having the same problem. 


On the "Old" Outlook for Mac, here's the -Resend- option (Screenshot)



On the "New" Outlook, that option is not there, as per below image:


Why would they cut out this very useful feature?



Have the same problem.
I was forced to change to New Outlook for Mac because I had no support for smime on my updated Outlook for Mac version 16.47.
Now I lost the RESEND action.
It was very useful because I reuse many of previous answers to my clients.
Now the option is a lot of time consuming Copy Past for each new answer...
It is not improving...

I agree, this is exactly the reason why I don't use the 'New Outlook'... I tried it and liked it, but I like my 'Resend' button more :) @LuisCosta 

We also have the same problem here at work. I really like / prefer the New Outlook for Mac and how seamlessly it compares to the O365 webmail version as well. However the lack of the resend message option is problematic for us. This is an incredibly useful function (which I feel is often back-burnered / not given the priority it deserves - it took Mac forever to add this option to it's Mail app for example) - please consider adding it back as soon as feasible. Thank you.

Thanks @Josecir ,

But in New Outlook for Mac the Resend option is not available anymore:



This was a very useful actions as I have to repeat many similar emails and I just had to adjust them.

It was available in the Older Outlook for Mac... Don't understand why they removed it.

Hope it can become available again...





@Meenakshi17856 well they are finally acknowledging that it is missing and now hopefully fixing it...

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 11.40.02 AM.png


Many thanks for this useful information!
Hope they do reintroduce it soon.
The times I already had to forward and delete header today for just resending similar emails...
I too refuse to use the new Outlook for Mac because it's missing this valuable function. Having said that, the old Outlook has a terrible Search. Yesterday a VIP client emailed me from her gmail and it did not get to me. Arrived in the trash, actually, so I never saw it. But it is there in the new Outlook - but since I don't use it yet, I MISSED IT. I cannot wait to use the new Outlook and i hope it's not stripped of other important features.
Can't believe the Mac version STILL doesn't have the resend feature!

Although I shouldn't be surprised, the Mac version is so buggy, it doesn't even display correctly at times

@JSaltzRookie Elon Musk can invent the first EV car company AND launch reusable rockets AND go to mars ALL AT THE SAME TIME, but legacy Microsoft STILL can't make the "newer, better" version of Outlook for Mac do what the old version did after a WHOLE YEAR? Frustrating...smh

Outlook for Mac.

@jasongilbert Great point. I have come to understand Microsoft is like the government. They have lots of money and sometimes they do good things, but they are very slow to make changes. I cannot believe that for about 2 years this feature has not been available. 

What were they thinking to delete this from the mac outlook?????
I agree. I can't tell you how angry this makes me. I send out emails to large groups and it is an incredible inconvenience not to have this simple function.