New Outlook: MAPI / Exchange

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Can anyone help please?


I've recently updated to Windows 11 and installed Outlook New 365. I was previously using Outlook 2013 on Windows 10 but it stopped working one day.


Outlook New is great but I'm missing the syncronising of Contacts and Calendar (and Notes) with my iPhone. I've imported contacts from my iPhone using a csv file. I use webmail for calendar. Thgis is neither elegant or ideal.


Researching this on Google I find this is becauase I am connecting to my Giacom Exchange server via MAPI. My understanding is this is the only way I can connect to this service.


So the first question is when will Outlook New / Microsoft allow connection via my Exchange providor? Giacom do not have an answer to this.


The second question is there any sort of workaround?


BTW, in case you can't detect from the language I'm not high tech. So simple language replies would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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The "new" Outlook is a replacement for the "Windows Mail and Calendar" app. As such, it's not really Outlook in the classic sense.
The "new" Outlook is really a webview container that renders mail in a custom window. So, when you are interacting with the user interface, you're really working with a webpage from the mail server.
That's why there's no mapi involved with it. I don't think microsoft will ever try to add mapi to it because mapi is a "client side" technology that whereas the new outlook is all server side (excluding the html/css rendering).'ll have to continue with classic outlook for any requirement of mapi usage.