New Outlook Macbook - Contacts

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I use the mac OS 12.1 and have been using Outlook for 4 years.


Recently, maybe due to an OS upgrade, the search was not working in Outlook, in any folder. I contacted Support, did everything possible including deleting and creating a new profile - no help. I was not using the new Outlook as it did not support mailing lists/groups but switched to test. The search worked perfectly.


However in the new Outlook, I cannot figure out how the contacts are populated in the To field. There is no address book sign in the To field, to search for the address if it is not auto populated.


In the old Outlook one could select which account one needed to use for contacts but there is no such option in the new Outlook!


I use an Exchange account as the default account but my contacts were in the Outlook account. I copied all contacts to the exchange account, but still cannot access these contacts when typing an email.


Some old contacts are auto populated when composing emails, maybe they are located from the emails in folders?


Support of Outlook not responding and there is not much documentation available on this


I need help in either the old or new Outlook to make it functional to use


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