new outlook for mac - how to view unread mail?

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So Microsoft finally made me move to the new outlook for mac - doesn't seem like its ready to me or I am missing something...  just a basic thing I'd like to do right now, view unread mail in, well, one account, but ideally all accounts?  The ribbon is gone, and the tool bar has almost nothing on it.  When I go to customize the tool bar, there is no filter options, no unread email option - I've looked under all the menu dropdowns in the top menu bar, haven't seen anything useful under view or tools or any of the others?  It really doesn't seem like I should have spent 30 minutes trying to figure this out this morning, googling, trying all the menu options for something this simple?  Not really happy with being forced into this software that appears to be wholly not ready.

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nvr mnd... just noticed the little filter button horizontal bars near top right... duh.

Looks like it moved in the newest Outlook - I found it in the left hand sidebar under "Saved Searches"


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